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Webinar Career Change: Burden or Oppurtunity?

More than ever before, we see individuals are getting into the driver seat and take action to create their own careers. We tend to lean less on the organizations to create a career path for us and are proactively hunting for the next step.  

This sets the scene where we need to adapt to changes by being more agile and proactive. A flexible and more individualistic work market also brings some challenges, especially linked to the burden of coping with stress and insecurity.  

  • How can you manage a successful career transition?  
  • How are individuals able to handle the insecurity and stress? 
  • What are the top skills to take control over your own career development? 

Maja Vikan invites Émilie Lapointe, Professor in Organizational Behaviour at BI Norwegian Business School, to a dialogue on how to create a successful career.    

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Tirsdag 26. april, 09:00-09:30

Maja Vikan Bilde
Maja Vikan

Senior Advisor Career Services

Maja is our Senior Advisor within Career Services. Her main focus is to assist HR and managers handling restructuring processes and workforce transformation. She has several years of experience from HR and Diversity Management, many of which in the international sphere. Her goal is to assist people in their careers to ensure a sustainable work life.

Bilde av Emilie Lapointe

Emilie Lapointe

Professor - Institute for leadership & organizations

Versatile Teacher and Researcher, with a strong international focus and a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry in Canada, China, and Norway. Teaching in organizational psychology, organizational behavior, and micro human resource management, and targeted at bachelor/master/PhD students and executives.

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